We facilitate business commissions with over 100 leading designer-makers
Our Team

We are a team of innovators and connectors with extensive knowledge of and passion for craft and design.

We are committed to sustaining independent studios by facilitating craft and design commissioning services for business sectors.

Our diverse team come from backgrounds as varied as tourism consultancy, product design, history and art history, and corporate finance.

Our combined insights enable us to understand the needs of both our business clients and our designer-makers.
Our Partners

We work with the best contemporary designer makers.

We are driven to create the highest quality design-led, hand-crafted souvenirs and gifts, homeware and interiors for the heritage, hospitality and corporate sectors.
About Craft Design House

At Craft Design House, we harness the mastercraftsmanship and design expertise of a growing network of over 100 leading designers and makers, creating the highest quality, desgin-led, handcrafted souvenirs and gifts, interiors and homeware for the heritage, hospitality and corporate sectors.

As society wakes up to the uncomfortable truths of mass-manufacture, mass-consumption and immense avoidable waste from mass-production, Craft Design House offers an alternative production approach for the conscious consumer.
Why we do what we do

Today everything is so slick, and perfect, and fast.
People have lost touch with what it takes to make something.

More and more we want to know how and where something was made, and that can be difficult to find.

At Craft Design House we don’t mean this only ethically, that is vital, but we mean it even more intimately: we need to know about the person, design, inspiration and processes that created a piece.

We seek to sustain designer-maker studios and practices and create opportunities for design-led innovation, supporting Culture, Conservation, Community and Commerce.

We bring the provenance and style of innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship to the forefront of the hospitality, heritage and corporate sectors, preserving the authenticity of design-led talent and the skill and knowledge of a craft.

We bring this culture to wider audiences, through retail ranges, corporate gifts, homeware and interiors commissions developed for our business clients.

Together we champion artisan practice and the continuing relevance of traditional skills while benefitting from unique luxury products with a conscience.


We are the go-to destination for craft and design work, guaranteeing the provenance of each piece.

We maintain a transparent and traceable supply chain. We can tell you who made a piece, where, when and how they made it, and where they sourced their materials.

At the discretion of our business clients, we can incorporate support of cultural institutions or third sector organisations into their project plan, giving back to the community and preserving the means by which we learn about our heritage for the future.


We are a trusted platform in which designer makers and clients share in the success of design innovation.

We are re-designing how the work of skilled craftsmanship and exceptional design is available.

With us, businesses can source, buy, learn and commission from leading designer maker studios.

We have streamlined this process and made it easily accessible for our business clients, our designer maker partners, and for consumers.


We are a commercial organisation who share our success with our business clients and our designer maker partners.

We bring exceptional, limited edition pieces and bespoke work to our clients and end users. These works are a chance to cherish something and to support the communities we represent.

We encourage clients and partners to support aligned third sector organisations, creating a transparent commercial channel for all involved, a business with social purpose and a drive for all involved to thrive.

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