Case Studies

Discover how our craft design services could work for your business
Custom craft and design products for retail, inspired directly by the Museum of Edinburgh’s collections

Commissioned by Edinburgh Museums
'Reflecting Mackintosh' Collective: a bespoke retail collection to complement Mackintosh 150

Hosted by Glasgow Life
Provenance, luxury and exclusivity:
Conveying business values through handcrafted corporate gifts

Commissioned by Vinum Fine Wines
Some of our recent clients
“Craft Design House has solved such a tricky problem in corporate gifting to our clients. We work extensively in Asia where gifting is a part of their culture.

The Craft Design House team provided us with a selection of designers and their work, which was within our budget.

Craft Design House has not only resolved a major headache in the company, it has allowed us to tell our new and established clients about the story and provenance of our unique gifts whilst advocating and sustaining designer studios located nearby.”

-Claire Bailey, Sales Director Vinum Fine Wines

“I love ceramics, it truly is my passion – but it can be a very hard road to go down with many, many challenges along the way. Craft design house has helped me keep that passion going, even through the scary, unsettling dip that comes after graduation.

I owe my growth as a creative professional greatly to the opportunities given to me thanks to Craft Design House”

-Amy Benzie, Ceramist
“I love what Craft Design House are doing, it’s right up my alley. A big part of slowing down is having the right objects close to hand. Forget tat that is here today and gone tomorrow. I’m talking about handmade objects and crafts that have a story behind them, that make us pause, that are like characters in our lives.”

-Carl Honore, Author of 'In Praise of Slow'