Provenance, luxury and exclusivity: Conveying business values
through handcrafted corporate gifts

Promoting Fine Wine Merchants in Asian markets

Client: Vinum Fine Wines
Commission: Corporate Gifts

Vinum Fine Wines are specialist wine merchants with their Head Office and client base in East Asia. Asian business cultures place immense value on the exchange of gifts in fostering and maintaining working relationships.

As wine specialists, with a particular emphasis on rare wines, Vinum Fine Wines needed to offer a gift that conveyed a sense of luxury, exclusivity and provenance, and kept their role as wine merchants prominent in the minds of their clients.


Vinum Fine Wines approached Craft Design House to create a bespoke gift for their clients. Glass was an obvious choice for the commission discipline, given the necessity of glass to the wine industry.

Wanting to convey a story and sense of the company’s heritage and provenance, we opted for an Edinburgh-based glass artist, as Vinum Fine Wine’s office is also situated in the city.

The glass designer we selected for the commission specialises in hand-blown work and typically uses colours that she has observed within the Scottish landscape, adding another layer to the story of the provenance of the pieces and the company who gifts them.


“Craft Design House has solved such a tricky problem in corporate gifting to our clients. We work extensively in Asia where gifting is a part of their culture.

The Craft Design House team provided us with a selection of designers and their work, which was within our budget.

Craft Design House has not only resolved a major headache in the company, it has allowed us to tell our new and established clients about the story, provenance and connection of our unique gifts whilst advocating and sustaining designer studios located nearby.”

-Claire Bailey, Sales Director Vinum Fine Wines

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