Become a designer
Why work with us?

-Convey your quality and qualifications through your affiliation with Craft Design House.

-Gain access to a network of designers and makers with different expertise, who are
always willing to share experiences and advice on techniques and help one another to
grow creatively.

-Develop your professional portfolio

-Develop collaborations and have access to exclusive commissions through Craft Design

-Life as a designer can be very isolated, so you can come to us to get feedback on your work
when you need a second opinion or just to chat.

-We promote our designers and their work through social media and through our business
development and the commissions that we work on with our designers.

How to apply

Please apply if you meet at least 2 of our entry criteria.

However, we want to source the best and support fresh talent – and we know one size doesn’t fit all.
So if you do something special that doesn’t necessarily meet the above criteria but might be perfect
for Craft Design House, please tell us!

To apply, please send your :



-Links to your website (if you have one)

-Cover letter = Tell us more about the unique story behind you and your work. Why do you do? What inspires your collections? No detail is too small – please share all you can.


Please use the subject line 'Designer application_YOUR NAME'.